We provide top supervision of the works or detailed supervision if required by the client. Quite often, when a large construction project or a construction project that has an unusually short time schedule is planned, we offer construction management services. This service relieves the client of the necessity of meeting with the general contractor on a daily basis. With construction management a shorter construction schedule can be easily accommodated.


Construction for interior design includes basic interior design through to final execution at site. The key areas covered include the following:  Survey of Existing enclosure  Analysis of requirements  Design and construction of all required services.


We adhere to the construction timelines, through our ability of completing the jobs by stringent site management through experienced staff as well as through rigorous financial management. The key areas we cover are as under:  Detailed cost Estimation  Detailed site supervision   Management of Skilled and unskilled labor   Item rate contracts   Turn key contracts  Quality control  Well equipped with machinery required.


One method to make the actual construction process easier for builders is to have digital image of real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented). Virtual reality replaces the real world with simulated one, where as augmented reality takes the real world and adds to it with a 3D model of your design. Augmented reality has a wealth of design and construction uses beyond visualization, too. It can be used for design analysis to pick out clashes by virtually walking through your completed model.